Vancouver’s Sound Room lavishes with dCS Rossini, Audio Research, Wilson and AudioQuest

Mark MacDonald of The Sound Room.

Mark MacDonald, president and CEO of Vancouver’s The Sound Room recently hosted an audiophile event for local music lovers, and gear heads alike featuring two systems comprised of a mix of AudioQuest cabling/power treatment, Audio Research transport, preamplifiers, and amplifiers, Wilson loudspeakers, and dCS DAC/streamers/transports.

MacDonald and Rashpal Rai of AudioQuest.

I had been invited down to sample some local craft beer, nosh on a few kabobs, and take in the demonstration put on by MacDonald, and I was glad I made it as the systems put together for the evening were obviously very thoughtfully curated, and sounded the biz.

Wilson Audio, Audio Research and dCS.

Representatives Bill Peugh from Wilson Audio, Aldo Filippelli from Audio Research and Brad O’Toole from dCS along with MacDonald himself did a great job of discussing each brand’s ethos, and goals, and the importance of a “music first” approach to engineering, and design goals in high fidelity.

Wilson Audio Sabrina.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the event, thanks again to MacDonald, and The Sound Room for inviting me along.

dCS stack.

Gear list — South Wall

  • Audioquest Niagra 1000 – $950 USD, $1,299 CAD
  • Audioquest NRG4 power cables – $330 USD, $459 CAD per 1.8M x 4
  • Audioquest Water balanced interconnects/loudspeaker cables – $500 USD, $681CAD x2
  • Audio Research CD6 CD/DAC Player $9,000 USD, $12,220 CAN
  • Audio Research LS28 line stage preamplifier $7,500 USD, $10,200 CAN
  • Audio Research VT80 stereo power amplifier $8,500 USD, $11,500 CAN
  • Wilson Audio Sabrina loudspeakers $15,900 USD, $21,600 CAN
  • Solid Tech Solo audio stand $1,400 USD, $1,895 CAD

Gear list — North Wall

  • Shunyata Hydra DPC 6 Power Treatment – $4,700 USD, $6,400 CAN
  • Shunyata Alpha Power cords – Alpha power cables $995 USD, $1,350 CAN x 3
  • Kimber KS6065 speaker cable – $10,300 USD, $13,999 CAD x1pr
  • Kimber 1126 balanced interconnect – $1,750 USD, $2,399 CAD x1pr
  • Audioquest Fire Balanced interconnect – $3,680, $5,000 CAD x1pr
  • Audioquest Wind Balanced interconnect – $2,350 USD, $3,200 CAD x 1pr
  • Audioquest Coffee AES digital interconnect – $450 USD, $610 CAD
  • Audioquest Diamond AES digital interconnect – $980 USD, $1,330 CAD x 2
  • Audioquest Diamond Ethernet – $1,140 USD, $1,550 CAD x 3
  • dCS Bridge, streamer/ renderer  $3,680 USD, $5,000 CAD
  • dCS Vivaldi DAC $31,300 USD, $42,500 CAD
  • dCS Rossini Transport, DAC & streamer $24,300 USD, $33,500 CAD
  • Audio Research Reference 6 Preamplifier $14,000 USD, $19,000 CAN
  • Audio Research Reference 75SE Power amplifier $ 10,000 USD, $13,580 CAN
  • Wilson Audio Sasha 2 W/P $34,000 USD, $46,100 CAN

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