High End 2017: MQA upgrade in under 5 minutes with the Audioquest Dragonfly

You can now upgrade your AudioQuest DragonFly Black and DragonFly Red to include support for MQA with a firmware update. We’ve upgraded a few of our Red Dragonfly’s over at Part-Time Audiophile today, and encourage you too as well. The process takes less then 5 minutes, and then you can enjoy a little MQA + Tidal Masters using the Tidal desktop application on your computer.

Upgrade instructions:

  1. Install the AudioQuest Device Manager application. You can download it from here.  It is supported on:

4. Click on “Update Now

In less then a minute, your Dragonfly will be updated and the AQ Device Manager will automatically close.

If you launch the Audioquest Device Manager again, you should see that your Dragonfly is up to date with firmware v1.06.


  • When updating your Dragonfly, plug it directly into a USB port on your PC.
  • If your Dragonfly is not discovered by AQ Device Manager, try removing it and re-inserting it.

Tidal Desktop Application:

After upgrading my Dragonfly RED, the Tidal Desktop app recognized a USB DAC with MQA support.

Click on “Yes, set as output”.  You are done, and ready to listen to some music.

The following screen is what your configuration should look like for the Dragonfly Red inside the Tidal Settings:

Time to kick back, and spend some quality time with tunes.

Mohammed Samji

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