High End 2017: Ypsilon sings with Wilson Benesch

Ypsilon Electronics had yet another great room in this year’s show, this time with Wilson Benesch latest speaker design, the Resolution ‘P1’ Silverstone. The system consisted of

  • Ypsilon Hyperion Monoblock Power Amplifiers
  • Ypsilon PST-100 MKII Valve Preamp
  • Ypsilon VPS-100 Valve Phono Stage
  • Ypsilon MC26L Step Up Transformer
  • Ypsilon CDT-100 CD Player
  • Ypsilon DAC-100 DAC

Wilson Benesch also provided the truly stunning R1 Carbon HIFI Rack which if it works as good as it looks it should be on everybody’s wish list.

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On the front end there was a Dohmann Helix 1 turntable fitted with one of the most impressive tonearms of recent years, the SAT by Marc Gomez, and a Lyra Etna cartridge, the combo sung marvelously but I was more curious about the digital counterpart.

No, I’m not sick, I listen to and cover digital converters from time to time. Interestingly the DAC was not the well known model 100 but an all new and still under development ladder design based no longer on multibit DAC chips but on proprietary resistor modules. Curious to find out more I spoke with Demetrios Baklavas, chief designer of Ypsilon about this new endeavour of his. The upcoming DAC will sport an I2S and coaxial input along with a USB one, a proprietary receiver, precision matched resistors and in pure Ypsilon style a class A tube output stage. Expect it to be bloody cheap too.


Nahhh, it will be expensive and if I am to judge from what I’ve heard during the show it will be simply fantastic.


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