Wilson Audio raises the bar with Alexia Series-2 loudspeaker

A legend was born in 2012 with the introduction of the Wilson Audio Alexia loudspeaker. It took the DNA & silk dome tweeter from David Wilson’s Alexandria XLF loudspeaker and brought it to a speaker with a smaller footprint, and not much larger than a Wilson Audio Sasha.

I am extremely fortunate to have the  Wilson Audio Alexia grace my listening room since December 2012. That was the same year I had the opportunity to do a video on my Audiophile Journey with Wilson & Definitive Audio in Seattle Washington.

Wilson Audio Alexia Series 1 in Mohammed’s Listening Room

5 years later,  the Alexia continue to amaze me each time I drop the needle. They welcome me when I return home (especially after a long trip),  transport me away to a happy place when I need to decompress, and surround my friends and family with music. More importantly raised my kids interest in listening to different kinds of music.

Since 2012, Wilson Audio has not stood still. With the dynamic duo of David Wilson and his son Daryl Wilson, they have been accelerating progress on recreating music.

The Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic

Earlier this year marked the release of the David Wilson’s Magnum Opus the Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic loudspeaker. From the Wilson Audio website:

For the past five years, Dave Wilson has poured his heart, attention, expertise, enormous experience, and his company’s resources into the development o f a new WAMM. For Dave, the Master Chronosonic is the culmination of his formidable career — a career that has spanned his lifetime, the fruit of which has been several of the most technically creative and musically compelling loudspeakers in the history of audio. This new loudspeaker is Dave’s magnum opus, a laboratory – grade loudspeaker with a single purpose: to convincingly convey the mind-ennobling and spirit-enhancing beauty of music.

We have not had a chance to hear it, but friends who have had the opportunity can hardly express their once in a lifetime experience.

In July 2017, 5 years after the release of the original Alexia, Wilson is doing it again. This time, Daryl Wilson is at the helm of bringing many of the technologies developed for the $600,000 Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic loudspeaker to the new Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2!

Although the Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 may look very similar on the outside to the Wilson Audio Alexia Series 1, it has gone through a serious make-over. Some of the key technologies coming from the Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic to the Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2  (from the Alexia Series 2 Press Release) are:

Latest in Wilson Composite Technology

The Alexia Series 2 cabinet is now the beneficiary of Wilson’s latest composite research—W-material, called such because of its relationship to the development of the new WAMM. W-Material possesses remarkable energy dissipation (damping) characteristics heretofore unobserved in any previous composite. Wilson’s engineers found that strategically placing W-material under the modules’ spike support areas greatly reduced unwanted energy at this critical mechanical interface.

Increased Enclosure Volume and Advanced Bracing Strategies

The Alexia Series 2 utilizes wire management hardware first pioneered for Dave’s Magnum Opus, the WAMM Master Chronosonic. This involves gas-tight cabinet exit hardware that reduces the number of needed solder joints and eliminates the need for a separately sealed chamber for the crossover module. This enables the enclosure volume to be increased without changing the external dimensions.

Unprecedented Time-domain Accuracy

In the Series 2, Wilson has implemented a more advanced mechanism for adjustment of the tweeter module, which now features twice the number of increments, enabling a much more nuanced and correct alignment. Additionally, the woofer baffle is now angled, which more correctly integrates the bass with the upper frequencies in the time domain.

Mark V Convergent Synergy Tweeter

Wilson engineers have incorporated the WAMM Master Chronosonic version of Convergent Synergy tweeter, designated as the Mark V, into the Alexia Series 2.

The Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2 will be making its debut later this month at the following fine Wilson Audio dealers:

Part-Time Audiophile will be reporting at the Seattle event at Definitive Audio, so check back with us soon. We hope to have a Alexia Series 2 to review later this year.

We can’t express how excited we are to get our ears on the Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2. The Alexia Series 2 will begin shipping in July 2017.

Mohammed Samji

Full Press Release from Wilson Audio is available here.