Canada: A unique land of high fidelity

The True North.

You may have noticed a new section added to Part-Time Audiophile’s menu system: Canada.

This marks a new approach for us as we move forward, with a journey into geographic-specific coverage. My home is Vancouver, British Columbia in… you guessed it Canada. So it only made sense to be able to focus on some of the great manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who call Canada home.

Moving forward expect to see more stories, reviews, and events from this land we like to refer to as the True North, Strong and Free.

–Rafe Arnott




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  1. Happy to see this. Being in Vancouver myself, I look forward to your coverage. I was bummed to see us (Vancouver) loose our show this year, so more web coverage will be great.

  2. Very cool – there is some incredible stuff coming out of our country (from Nova Scotia myself), and it will be great to see it highlighted in a dedicated section. Might I suggest as well, if this will include equipment reviews, why not also use Canadian music as your test tracks – we’ve also got some exceptional musical talents to highlight!

  3. I think, not only me but at the very least a group of audiophiles that did run a group test of bookshelf for the second year (including Kef R300 and LS50, Dynaudio Contour C1, SF Venere, Focal 806, etc, etc) , that the Paradigm Signature S2 v2 (discontinued) is one of the best, or the best, books around. How come it is so overlooked by the media? It would be great a review from you!

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