High End 2017: Audeze introduces the fab LCDi4 in ear headphones


Audeze keeps pushing the limits of personal fidelity and after the successful launch of the iSine series it was time for a similar form factor but flagship model. Enter the LCDi4, what Audeze considers as a scaled down version of their reference LCD-4 headphones, only far more portable. At 12gr per side this is indeed, truly portable. Heavier than most in ear headphones but still very credibly portable, at least that was the impression with the hook going above my pinna.

The i4 was driven by a Chord Mojo which I happen to own and love for the transparent & musical character combined with the ability to drive particularly well iems and headphones alike. Knowing the Mojo by heart it was easy to trace down the i4, a most definitely musical in ear headphone with smooth top end, sensual mids and excellent bass extension. Music was meaty but maintained perfect separation among instruments while providing a holographic soundstage.

Overall quite impressed though there is one small catch, Audeze scaled down the sound of the LCD-4 to a few grams of portable joy but failed to do so with the price, at $2495 the i4 wont be accessible to many.

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Audeze LCD-Pro

On another note, I gave a quick listen to the Audeze LCD-Pro cans and they are very, very, very promising. Price is reasonable (if kept at under $1300 as discussed during the show), sound is somewhat flatter than say LCD-2 and closer to LCD-X with weight being a couple of hundred grams less! This could be the LCD many are waiting for (including me).

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