Vancouver Audio Festival 2017: What’s coming up

Focal, Naim, and many more will be featured at Vancouver Audio Festival.
Vancouver’s HiFi Centre is throwing open it’s doors this coming weekend (June 24, 25, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 433 Carrall Street, Vancouver) to help fill the gap left by the departure of the Chester Group, and it’s Vancouver Audio Show. Admission is free of charge. Igor Kivritsky of HiFi Centre said the idea behind the festival is to give something back to Vancouver’s audio community for the loss of the original, scheduled show that was to be held in Burnaby.

June 24, 25 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. the HiFi Centre and Igor Kivritsky will play host to Vancouver audiophiles.
The Vancouver Audio Festival will feature a number of specifically-curated demonstration rooms with a wide variety of equipment put together to highlight their audiophile credentials according to Kivritsky. Headphone enthusiasts will not be disappointed with a large dedicated headphone, and headphone amplification listening area hosting dozens of different models including two high end personal-audio systems that cost upwards of $70,000. Featured brands at the festival include AudioQuest, Audeze, Bowers & Wilkins, Bryston, Clearaudio, Focal, HiFi Man, Magnepan, McIntosh, NAD, Naim, REL, Sennheiser, Sonus Faber, and many more.

The festival will feature a dedicated headphone listening area for all the ‘phone peeps.

Vancouver Audio Festival coverage brought to you by HiFi Centre.
Kivritsky said that the festival will showcase what’s new from some of the world’s most renowned audio brands and the people behind them, and that while any audiophile, or music lover would not have to think twice about attending the event, it is not exclusively for audiophiles.  Adding that “If you have an appreciation for art, music, engineering, design or luxury, the Vancouver Audio Festival is the perfect opportunity to take in a great experience.”

B&W’s latest models will be in attendance.

For more information please contact Igor Kivritsky at HiFi Centre via email at, or by telephone if you’re in Vancouver at 604-688-5502, or 1-888-232-9995 if you’re out of town.

Check back for further coverage of the Vancouver Audio Festival.

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