Devialet Air and Roon turn the stream into reality

The start of something beautiful.

Wake up. You’re not dreaming (you’re streaming). The missing link to make Roon, and the Devialet Expert Series speak easy has arrived.

The Devialet Expert 220.

Devialet, the French amplification powerhouse which is considered by some to be the enfant terrible of the audiophile world for it’s quick, and unexpected market dominance in digital amplification, and streaming technology has joined hands with software wunderkind Roon Labs to make things much easier for those using Roon software with Devialet’s Expert hardware to access their music libraries, and online music catalogs.

An island in the stream…

Both companies have made information available on how the two can now enable high-resolution audio streaming using Devialet’s AIR technology right from Roon – bye-bye troublesome AIR driver, hello full Roon signal-path detection and display. While Devialet is still not a hardware partner with Roon, and thus is not considered Roon Ready with this update, it looks like a step in the right direction.

–Rafe Arnott

Notes, and press release details below.

From Devialet:

Devialet and Roon, the ultimate music player for music lovers, are proud to introduce Roon + Expert Pro. A radically superior way of experiencing and discovering music on all Expert and Expert Pro systems, with Devialet AIR®. Available from today thanks to an exclusive, native Devialet AIR® technology integration into Roon.

– Detailed display of signal path quality
– Dynamic control of Expert and Expert Pro (Volume, EQ, Start, Standby mode…)
– Full remote control thanks to Roon Remote app
… And many more features

From Roon:

Starting with today’s release, anyone with a Devialet Expert or Expert Pro system (all the way back to the very earliest models) can stream high-resolution audio using Devialet AIR technology directly from Roon, without a using Devialet’s AIR driver.

As always, Signal Path makes clear exactly what’s happening to the audio stream, and Roon will also allow you to adjust volume, and power down your Expert system. And when you start playback in Roon, your Expert system turns on and selects the appropriate input automatically. Note that your Devialet device will need to be connected using its ethernet port in order for DSD64 content to play natively.

See the Roon blog post about Devialet AIR support HERE.


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