GoldenEar Triton References: in Dealers Now and Ready for Audition

A little bird (okay, okay, it was Sandy Gross) told me that the long-lusted-for (by yours truly) flagship GoldenEar loudspeakers, the Triton Reference ($8,498US/pair), are now “out in the wild”.

Highly anticipated, GoldenEar has now shipped its new Triton References to over 100 of its GoldenEar dealers in North America and to distributors in 24 export markets, and they are now available for demo and auditioning. GoldenEar introduced the Triton Reference at CES 2017 to a fantastic reception and rave press reports. The Triton Reference, ($4249 each), are GoldenEar’s new top-of-the-line flagship. It is an evolutionary development of GoldenEar’s very successful Triton Series loudspeakers. It incorporates two all new 6” high definition cast-basket upper bass/midrange drivers with focused-field magnet structures, two all new 6”x10” long-throw active bass drivers w/ focused-field magnet structures, four all new 9.5”x10.5” quadratic planar infrasonic radiators, a new high gauss High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter and a fully balanced crossover. The integrated subwoofer/bass section is powered by an internal 1800 watt Class D power amp, which is, in turn, controlled by a 56 bit DSP device. The sleek 58” tall cabinet incorporates complex internal bracing and damping, and is beautifully finished in a hand-rubbed piano gloss black finish.

Many happy consumers had pre-ordered T Refs, and are now taking delivery, to their delight. One new owner, HR, posted with the following observations: “Elegant and awesome are just some of the accolades I can think of…amazing…the sound is honestly majestic…heavenly in fact.”

More information can be found at: GoldenEar Triton Reference.

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