Magico to debut M6 at Tokyo International Audio Show

All will be revealed in Tokyo next week.

September 29th is creeping up faster than a distracted driver in a Tesla on a deaf dog crossing the road, and with that show’s launch will come some interesting news from inert-speaker designers extraordinaire Magico: The all-new M6. The 2014 M-Project saw the limited-edition M3 hit markets, and create real industry buzz among consumers, and critics alike for its sonic capabilities, so as a follow-on, the company decided to push the envelope even further, and push out as challenging a design as they could in 2017. Being touted as “…the most advanced dynamic loudspeaker ever built,” the company also claims a “…totally inert, enclosure.” Some people love the whole inert-enclosure thing, and while I’ve heard loudspeakers that adhere to this design principle, and genuinely been impressed by them, I find careful amplification, and source matching is essential to getting the best from these enclosures: heavy voltage rails, and big watts seem to wrest the best from any Magico I’ve heard to date.

The Magico M3 was a hit with press, and consumers alike.

I’m hopeful the M6 will be making it to the North American show circuit soon for a first-hand listening session, until then I’ll just have to wait along with the rest you. Here’s a Magico promotional video to keep you satiated until then.

–Rafe Arnott