RMAF 2017: Rafe’s Preview

You’ve got to get into the groove.

It’s baaaaaaaaack…

This time bigger, and better than ever – at least that’s the hope. With the Denver Marriott Tech Centre Hotel fully operational, and remodelled, the hype is starting for show goers who are psyched to see the bar, restaurants, and rooms after construction during last year’s RMAF got noses out of joint. I didn’t mind it all, and had a wonderful time there in 2016, so I’m confident that with the renovations over, this will be the best RMAF yet.

The PS Audio crew – Bill Leebens, left, Paul McGowan, right, get room-ready in 2016.

Rocky Mountain has come to signify what’s different about audio shows in North America for me, as it is a show apart in many ways from all others on the schedule. The people who choose Denver as their only show of the year tend to be what make it special. I know that as much as I look forward to every show I attend, I always have a little more sparkle in my eye for RMAF as I know there are friends that I’ll only see there for the entirety of the year.

RMAF 2017 Proudly Sponsored by NOBLE AUDIO
RMAF 2017 Proudly Sponsored by NOBLE AUDIO
Mat Weisfeld, left, of VPI gears up at Denver in 2016.

From an organizational standpoint, it’s also a standout as show director Marjorie Baumert, and her workers always go the extra mile to make everyone showing at RMAF, attending RMAF, or covering RMAF feel completely looked after. Thank you Marjorie, and your staff.

Denver is about the people: Scot Hull, Brian Hunter, myself, and Brannan Mason in 2016.

There’s a lot happening this year in Denver, with some guaranteed show-stoppers on the schedule that we’ll be reporting on daily as Part-Time Audiophile has a number of writers on hand. So look for lots of coverage from the show floors as we bring you the latest news, releases, premiers, and unveilings that high fidelity companies have to offer to date. Next time you hear from me I’ll be in the Mile-High City, so until then, enjoy.

Works every time.

–Rafe Arnott

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