The Audiophile Socialites | RMAF 2017

Who needs to fit in, when you already belong?

Photojournal by Eric Franklin Shook

FullSizeRender-597-1The outside world can be a lonely place for audiophiles. For most of us: our dealer (stereo, not drugs), online forums, and facebook groups are the only places where audiophiles gather. The outside world is not so friendly to our protestations of the norm. Alas, there is hope for you and I yet. The Audio Show.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is now in it’s 14th year, and by all account one of my favorites. I’m not alone in this feeling. “But wait…” you say, “isn’t audiophilia about being… alone?”

In short: Nope, not even a little bit. Attendance at shows like AXPONA and likely RMAF this weekend will see record (high achievement, not vinyl) numbers of show goers.

Thursday night before the show RMAF hosts a cocktail party to celebrate by all metaphor the audiophile. And it’s only the beginning to a long weekend packed with moments in admiration of your fellow audiophile. Many here new and old, all like brothers. Bound by a common love of good sound, and tonight some fine whiskeys.

If you’ve never attended an audio show, like… get off your ass and get here. We need you, and you need us. You’ll find so much more to the show experience than just electronic equipment. You’ll discover new music, new friends, new ideas, opinions on top of opinions likely with a side of opinions.

Let’s take a tour of what’s to be had.

RMAF 2017 Proudly Sponsored by NOBLE AUDIO
RMAF 2017 Proudly Sponsored by NOBLE AUDIO