RMAF 2017: Travel Overture

Sights of arrival, and what not to miss

Photojournal by Eric Franklin Shook

Everyday good day begins with a burger.

It occurred to me while walking through Denver International Airport today that if your state borders are square, there is probably little natural rhyme or reason for them. I now look at Denver, Colorado and the vast wilderness that extends beyond its state’s borders as a national park with an NFL team tucked nicely inside.

RMAF 2017 Proudly Sponsored by NOBLE AUDIO
RMAF 2017 Proudly Sponsored by NOBLE AUDIO

OK, the train ride in from the airport  to Belleview Station (two blocks from RMAF) was a hoot and only $9 USD, consider all of this to be purely factual and yet it’s still gloating.

Hit The Ground Running

The show hasn’t even begun, but the commotion of vendors, press, and hotel staff scrambling to make the show parade ready is likely to continue into the night. Check-ins look to be moving smoothly, and even a few in the bar area are having what look to be celebratory drinks for a job well done. I make my way around to get that sneak peek of what’s to come.

Here’s some of what I found, and definitely some things not be missed. Enjoy!


Something still relatively new for me and you to get excited about.

Wyred 4 Sound, Acoustic Zen (and more)

I won’t dare show you the bride before her wedding day, but just know that what’s coming is not to be missed.

Constellation Audio, Continuum Audio Labs, Wilson Audio

Of course this room will be one of THE sights and sounds to behold on the ground floor level. That goes without saying. However, what needs to be taken away from this photo is that seldom is it evident how much effort goes into the setup and running of the show. Even Wilson Audio’s paragon of style and class Peter McGrath knows how to roll up the sleeves and get things rolling.

Mytek, VPI ( and more)

The fine gentlemen of Mytek are setting up the new Brooklyn DAC Plus, with a VPI Cliffwood turntable, and more components yet to be installed. Check out those speakers!

Speakers by Vaessen Audiodesign

Check back here often for updates as I will be posting daily from the floors of RMAF.

Check back often for continuing coverage from Denver, and download our new quarterly PDF magazine – The Occasional – that launched yesterday HERE.