RMAF 2017: Classic Album Sundays

Chad Kassem Shells Down The Corn

If you’ve ever heard of Chad Kassem, you know he’s a pillar of the vinyl resurgence, owner and founder of Acoustic Sounds and many other related ventures. If you’ve ever heard Chad Kassem speak, you know he’s a no holds barred and very direct man. A man of my own ilk.

Classic Album Sundays hosted a room at Rocky Mountain Audiofest that might have been on a few folks list of best sounding rooms, if not for the sake that it’s primary use was to be a room of verbal expositions on the genesis and resurrection of classic albums. The system, nothing to scoff at really. VPI’sAvenger with Audio Technica’s AT-ART1000 Moving Coil Cartridge, Jeff Rowland Design Group’s own Daemon Super Integrated Amplifier, YG Acoustics’ amazing Sonja Loudspeakers, all provided by Aberdeen Audio and all strung together with Nordost’s) beautiful sounding cables.

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The album of discussion at this very point in the day was one of high popularity throughout the weekend. A rather different sounding album of Dean Martins, titled Dream With Dean. I’m familiar with the ham and corn variety of Dean’s recordings I’ve heard before, but this was something special. I hate to say it, but it sounded more mature. Aside from the artistic tone of the album, this was a reissue, and one that to hear Chad Kassem tell the story of, was a battle of red tape, and muck that few of us would trudge through. Classic Album Sundays — must attend event in your area.