RMAF 2017: Ladders up at MSB Technology

The Most Analog of Digital Experiences

For the “audiophile” breed of music lover who wants to confidently move away from vinyl, there is a way. Possibly you are younger or didn’t have a large vinyl collection to begin with, and don’t foresee yourself digging away in the vinyl bins and washing records every weekend. If you’d possibly rather stay seated and listening, I have something for you.

Vince Galbo, the national sales manager of MSB Technology treated a few “room travelers” and myself to a rather quick but intensely eye-opening lesson on the “Delta Sigma vs R2R” debate. After some home reading, and sense memory of my listening experiences at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, I can say, I’m now quite of a fan of The Ladder. Not to say their aren’t many ways to skin the cat, it’s just that for right now, I can’t imagine a better way.

OK, maybe I was being a little hasty and eager to offer up ideas of ditching the vinyl collection, but possibly more to abandon the pressure to get into vinyl or to feel that it was the only way to audiophile euphoria. It’s not. Existing vinyl proponents can rest assured that both digital and vinyl can exist in the favor of your audiophile minds. Bury the civil war, enjoy all.

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When listening to various tracks through the YG Acoustics Sonja 1.2 ($72,800 pr USD) speakers, MSB’s own M204 Monoblock ($39,950 pr USD) amplifiers, and absolutely revealing collection of Analysis Plus cables, I couldn’t help but feel that was I was listening to was a “earthly and organic” as I’ve ever heard in reproduced sound. The obviously silent background associated with fine digital was there, but in what was being heard, almost too real to explain. In my room notes I questioned if it was in fact “blood flowing through those cables instead of electrical pulses.”

The MSB Reference DAC ($39,500 USD) with upgraded MQA USB Input module ($1,595 USD) revealed itself to be absent of flaws amongst it’s champion level of associated components, and while meeting that bar of zero defects, the overall sound shined above in positive integers of realism and exacting insight.


  1. Guessing the cable’s would have been $20 grand too, it ought to sound so real you could barely distinguish it from a live event for $200,000.

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