Warning: Do Not Use

Friends, I must confess. I have not been as careful as one might wish, and certainly, hindsight is proving to me that my shivering fear and self-loathing are insufficient excuses for my laxity. But the fact remains: I cannot find the box.

It was there, where I left it, locked in that cursed room. No one has gone in, and nothing has come out. I swear! And yet, it is gone. It is gone and we are undone.

Merciful Mother, I still dream of that darkness and the Thing that stirred there. I will never forget it. And I know that It has not forgotten me.

If you find that box, with its provocative note, for the love of all that is holy do not use them. Close the box. Destroy it if you can. Please, I beg you, do not, under any circumstances, use the Cable Bones. I beg you.

Let my story be your warning.