RMAF 2017: Sanders creates electrostatic bliss

There were a lot of impressive-looking rooms at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest – special mood lighting, huge product posters, rented greenery. There also were loud after-hours listening sessions, cocktail parties and even some swag. While this promotional frenzy was going on during the three days of the event, the owner of one small high-end company was sitting patiently in a corner room on the somewhat isolated fifth-floor atrium. There weren’t any attractive greeters outside his door or banners and LED spotlights inside. There was just a simple window curtain — the same one he’s been bringing to Denver for years – along with his speakers, a preamp/processor, two amplifiers and a stack of one-page brochures. That’s it. Yet, this was the location for some of the best sound of the show. What made it even more remarkable was that the entire system being demoed by Roger Sanders of Colorado-based Sanders Sound Systems cost $22,500 (all prices in USD). That’s not inexpensive, but when you consider it was besting many mega-rigs playing in considerably more blinged-out rooms, priced at 10 times that much, Sanders’ humble exhibit seemed even more impressive. Sanders for some time now has been marketing flat-panel, hybrid … Continue reading RMAF 2017: Sanders creates electrostatic bliss