RMAF 2017: It’s still GamuT, dammit

Power, grace, and a surprising demo

Some experiences defy expectation. Just like some choices. Like peas and carrots — why on earth do those go well together? And really, chocolate and peanut butter? Ugh. And a businessman with zero government experience for president — wait, sorry, we’re wandering off topic. I meant to say, gigantic Zodiac loudspeakers jammed into a modestly sized (and square!) hotel room. Who ever thought that would work? But unlike a few of the other improbably combos I mentioned, this room — stuffed with flagship loudspeakers from GamuT — did work. I’m still scratching my head at that one. Maybe a really big shoehorn? Dunno.

Size and scale were breathtaking, but the grace and ease of the music (when not played at life-threatening levels) completely belied the fact that the speakers were so flipping big. Yes, a bigger room would have revealed more, but as is, this was clearly one of the best sounding rooms at that show. Again. GamuT is on a roll.

Yes, there was analog tape on display. There’s a new/optional phono board or reel-to-reel tape pre available for the preamplifier, too, for those of you looking to jump way down the rabbit hole.

That Pear Audio turntable is really quite something — drive, an immersive midrange, and silky seductiveness are calling my name. I may have to get one of those in here for review. In fact, I’m going to go out on a (very sturdy) limb and say that everything Benno and Michael bring from GamuT is worthy of your attention. No, it’s not cheap. But yes, it is all excellent.

Oh, and a side note: it’s pronounced ‘gammit’, as in, rhymes with ‘dammit’. Now you know.

  • GamuT Zodiac speakers: $149k/pair
  • GamuT M250i monoblock amplifiers: $25,990/pr.
  • GamuT D3i Dual-Mono preamplifier: $8390
  • GamuT phono or R2R board for preamplifier: $1990
  • Pear Audio Analog Kid Thomas turntable w/ Cornet 2 tonearm: $7995
  • Pear Audio Blue external power supply: $1995
  • Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge: $2729
  • GamuT interconnect and speaker cables: $various