RMAF 2017: Wax Stacks, stacks up


The Story

Stackable, Rackable, Packable

What started as an online Kickstarter campaign back in 2015, has since blossomed into a staple fixture and symbol of the vinyl resurgence of the 21st century. Wax Stacks responded to a burgeoning need for vinyl lovers to eschew the old plastic milk crates, and obnoxiously ubiquitous IKEA Lack shelving systems.

Granted each of the aforementioned: dairy containers and Swedish cardboard shelves, serves its individual purpose. Step in Wax Stacks to develop a product that delivers double-duty in being both a vehicle for transporting vinyl records, but also organizing your LPs into a customizable, lightweight, and rugged modular shelving system. Perfect for a growing vinyl collection or one that seems to continually get out of hand, you choose the capacity that best suits your needs.


Entirely made in the USA, the Wax Stacks crates are precision cut from sustainable high quality birch plywood to produce five interlocking and collapsable panels that make for easy assembly and storing when not in use. Just a matter of doing or undoing a few snaps. No tools required.

Holding them in person at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest I am surprised at how light and rigid they are. Playing with them, I found the interlocking of assembled units to be intuitive and sturdy. Even to the point where one of the Wax Stacks staff members was bold enough to stand and jump atop a freshly assembled crate. Demonstrating not only how structurally sound their design was, but also how quiet. Not a creek or wince was heard from the added stress of human body weight. If that’s not good huckstering, I don’t know what is.