Warsaw 2017: DAD, what’s wrong with you?

Another brand I was deeply curious about, Danish Audio Design aka DAD. They have been showing some rather impressive amps on social media, weighting somewhere in between the heavy and the ridiculous and costing as much. As a philogalist I must admit to find the company’s logo stupendous but unfortunately the sound during the show was not meeting my expectations.

On paper it should have, the so called Little Big power mono amplifiers capable of nothing less than 600Watts/ 8Ohm and doubling at 4 were having an easy time pushing a pair of Wilson Audio Alexia speakers. The digital only front end consisted of Jay’s Audio CDP-3 ladder DAC CD player but the end result was on the harsh side of neutral, something I can partially attribute to the glass wall behind the system and to the poor selection of music.

A “client”, one of those who hits shows with a stash of CDs had requested a series of tracks and the room’s host told me that I had to wait until he was done with his rather long list. After a couple oh horrendous electronic tracks, the ones I wouldn’t even think calling songs, I gave up. Made a second passage later on but the result was still the same edgy playback. As I am familiar with the Wilson speakers and I know for a fact that they don’t sound like that I can only blame something DAD for the not so smooth result; had to walk away a bit disappointed, was expecting way more from this room. Promised myself to give DAD another chance, we cat people must stand unite.

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