Element Acoustics hosts Digital Audio seminar in Vancouver on Saturday, Nov. 24

Linn Klimax DS

Vancouver-area dealer Edward Ku of Element Acoustics is hosting a special one-day seminar this Saturday (tomorrow, Nov. 24th) for those audiophiles interested in digital, or computer audio and how to best approach purchasing, and setting up a curated system for streaming, or local-area network playback. As someone who embraced the curation of multiple digital-audio playback front-ends in the last year, I can tell you from experience that it is not the easiest thing to properly, effectively, and in my opinion musically set up. So if you’ve got serious questions, this will be an excellent opportunity to talk with experts. With a top-tier Linn Klimax DS fronting the demo system, the sound should prove to win over any analog holdouts.

–Rafe Arnott

Saturday’s demo system.


We get questions on digital audio everyday.  Many customers would like to get into digital audio, but they don’t know where to start.. For years, Linn has been a pioneer in Digital Streaming Music, and its DS system is one of the most successful digital streamers on the market.

On Saturday, November 25, 2017, we are happy to have our good friend “The Professor” (yes, he’s a real computer science professor), to host an informative seminar about digital audio.  The seminar will cover what you need to play digital files, different digital formats, and how to integrate digital audio with your existing audiophile system.

Associated equipment will include:

  • Linn Klimax DS
  • Melco N1A
  • Soulution 520 PRE
  • Soulution 511 AMP
  • Focal Scala Utopia V2

It will be a great oppotunity to learn about digital audio and digital streaming, whether you are a novice or an advanced user.

If you would like to join us at this event, please kindly RSVP by email (edward@element-acoustics.ca) or by phone (604-727-5585).  There will be two sessions in the afternoon.

  • 1:00 ~ 3:00 PM.
  • 3:30 ~ 5:30 PM
Seating is extremely limited.

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