Warsaw 2017: 8MM Audiolab


One too many shows and tons of me too products were washed away in a glimpse of an eye, just by entering the 8MM Audiolab room at the Sobieski hotel. Finally I had a beautiful and original effort in front of me!

Exquisite cabinetry from solid oak, quality drivers and tube friendly for those who don’t pack a kilowatt under their belt. The young designer behind this line goes by the name of Donatas Tamosiunas from Lithuania, he was out in the woods for the first time. He mailed me some details

…just came back from Poland Audio Show – lots of positive emotions, great show, great people . As promised , some info about our brand, and PIU Loudspeaker. I have spent 2 years with PIU project, developing PIU loudspeakers showed to public for the first time in Poland Audio Show last weekend.

8MM audiolab uses only solid and organic materials to achieve goal results, very few shortcomings are taking place when we speak about speaker engineering. PIU is crafted from solid Lithuanian Oak, all drivers are professional, very high quality units made by top European manufacturers ( BMS, SICA, BEYMA).

PIU Floorstander is a high sensitivity 3-way design speaker. PIU is happy to be driven by 10-20wpc tube amps . (We were using 18W single ended Tube amp from RADA Electronics , at the Show).

The synergy of outstanding audio performance and impressive minimalist design has been maintained in the mini model of PIU. Our unique technical solutions have been applied on a smaller scale with no loss of sound quality. PIU mini enclosures mounted on magnificent metal tripods create a stunning aesthetic appeal and impress with richly detailed and powerful sound coming from surprisingly small cabinets.

PIU Mini model is also a Tube Amp friendly,  high sensitivity and accuracy model. Mini was designed for Loft style apartments, where every inch of space matters –  for Audiophiles which want a floorstander sound, from a disappearing, home-friendly design.

Our cabinet design ideas come from minimalism and Art Deco style inter-War period architecture,  found in my home city Kaunas…

What can I say, if not keep up the good work, this is a brand that made a difference in a sea of clones.

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