Warsaw 2017: Avantgarde gets the timing right

I enjoyed listening to the demo from the company’s technical director Armin Krauss, he went on talking about the ancient theater of Epidaurus and how it manages to amplify sound for 14.000 seated spectators with nothing but acoustical amplification (I know, been there several times, acoustics are amazing). All this wasn’t needed, who loves horns knows pretty well what they can do and what they can’t.

The thing with horns is that they rarely get the bass right. Usually out of phase and lacking in speed compared to the ultrafast horn-loaded mids and tweeters. This was an issue with Avantgarde, up until now it was as in Warsaw they introduced a series of new features which made possible for the company to finally get the class D amplified bass horns to play coherently with the Trio XD speakers. The show system had three double 12″ Basshorn XD units and efficiency north of 109dB@1m, the XA mono amplifiers had clearly no problem driving the whole.

Apart from the Avantgarde speakers and amplifiers the systme also had an Accuphase phono and a Transrotor Tourbillon turntable with SME IV tonearm and My Sonic Labs Hyper Eminent cartridge, not to mention the coolest remote control ever. If I was any good with Photoshop I would have added a nice light saber to it.

And yes, the system delivered in spades. Coherently too, in case your pockets are deep enough the guys from Avantgarde will take care of proper installation on your location, worldwide.

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