Warsaw 2017: Closer Acoustics: field coils, tapes and records

I was complaining about several “me too” rooms and products on the Polish show, Closer Acoustics is definitely not a knock off. The room had single driver field coil speakers playing music through a 12″ EMS LB12 MK II (by Electro Magnet Speaker France) wide bander! Colored me impressed, it takes cojones to show up with a 12″ acting the part of a mid and a tweeter.

The room had two of the best pieces of analog source ever to be produced, the Thorens 124mkII turntable with Schick tonearm and Denon 103 MC cartridge playing next to a stunning AEG Magnetophon 15A reel to reel tape recorder, a legend. Closer Acoustics also makes electronics under the Provocateur line, a 300B single ended triode integrated amplifier and a highly configurable phono stage were on display.

I got this from their website

Whether you like the full philharmonic orchestra or a string quartet, intimate vocals or piano solos, Vigo will deliver. If you want to dive into a jazz bar with live music, Vigo will enchant that atmosphere for you. He stands out of the crowd by his ability to play vividly a very wide array of musical genres. His dynamic and speed are astonishing. One driver able to reproduce a whole critical frequency range enclosed in a box designed to eliminate standing waves and deliver clean bass makes wonders.

Well, not sure if it was the tracks I heard or something else but top extension was clearly missing, at least by my standards. Physics are not an opinion and a 12″ woofer cannot possibly vibrate 10 or 15 thousand times per second, not sure how they expect it to do the part of a tweeter. Still, a very interesting room for some, might be that I just don’t get it?

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  1. you are not the confused party here.The lack of a true scientific/auditory background would
    be the cause of thinking that Physics is not an opinion and a 12″ woofer can vibrate 10 or 15 thousand times per second, I would highly distrust any of the components made by this company.

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