Warsaw 2017: Remember my words, J. Sikora turntables

While talking with Scot Hull, our publisher, during the show, I had to let him know that such a huuuge kermesse with oh-so many never before seen brands was a nightmare to cover. The point in all this was to identify those – few – names that have a future, that will make it past beyond the Polish borders, all the way to your local brick and mortar shop, if not straight to your living room. J. Sikora is gonna be one of those, trust me on this one.

The room at the National Stadium had two of the three turntable designs currently produced, the “entry level” Initial Line was sitting next to the 80kg Standard Line (nope, no points for imagination). I found a third model on their website, the 108kg Reference Line, judging by the pics it surely looks a bit like a Kuzma XL, only prices are lower. All tables have external motor controllers and ceramic ball inverted bearings, platters are made from Delrin and cast iron, with rubber transmission belts. Have I mentioned they look great? As in massive, statement designs that captivate they eyes before the ears?

During the show they partnered with Lansche speakers and the tube amplifiers were “vintage Sikora”, several cartridges were used in constant rotation. More importantly I checked on their site and they only have importers in France, UK, Germany and China but I am positive, we will be hearing more from the J. Sikora brand.

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  1. How much better is ,or can the sound of this 100,000 dollar turntable with all this new improved technology compared to say the conscription or mass produced 1970s 80s hi end turntables from Pioneer/Kenwood, Technics etc ?

    • Actually this is a relatively cheap table, for the amount of engineering and the attention to details, and it comes for much less than 100K$, more like 10K give or take, a bargain for modern high end standards. DD tables form the 70s were nothing special sound-wise (with a few exceptions).

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