Warsaw 2017: Muarah reinvents the wheel


Speaking of originality, Muarah, a new to me Polish company that specializes in tube electronics and turntables introduced the most interesting gizmo in a long time, the Inteliclamp. It looks like a record clamp, only ten times smarter.

Inside the clamp sits a battery powered sensor that measures rotation speed and transmits via radio frequencies (far above the audio band) at the Precision Speed Controller, a device that can adjust in real time the turntable’s frequency, thus heavily diminishing wow. The PSC is built around a “quartz stabilized 230V generator with frequency deviation less than 0,01Hz, absolutely inaudible for human ear”.

The motor controller itself promises “50Hz hum elimination by turntable motor vibration reduction. Vibrations are reduced thanks to mains power supply THD lowering down to <2% when according to EU standards they can reach up to 8% in our houses”. I remember measuring my mains THD at around 3%, a local technician told me at the time that “I was among the lucky ones” so it clearly makes sense getting the best possible motor controller for your turntables.

The PSC – Inteliclamp combo can be used with all turntables equipped with an 230V/50Hz AC motor with maximum power less than 5W, but my guess is a US version wont be that hard to come up with.

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