Warsaw 2017: Zeta Zero shoots for the moon


This is a small world, no doubt. On my flight to Warsaw I sat next to a colleague, not a journalist but another Dr, a psychiatrist. She asked why I was on my way to Poland, told her for an audio show. She immediately told me I should book a few sessions for my audiophile issues, then she mentioned her neighbor, Tomasz, who makes “funny looking” speakers that sound exceptionally well, when she or her husband want to listen to some music they prefer asking their friend Tomasz to pump up the volume.

Interesting I said, I have a hintch I’ll be seeing your friend Tomasz in the next few days.

And I did, Tomasz Rogula is the designer behind the Zeta Zero speakers and electronics. I made it in his room at the National stadium but it was packed with attendants as he was throwing an unusual demo, he took one speaker off and played music with only the left speaker. I saw him fiddling with the cables behind the speaker but once playback restarted the room was still filled wall to wall with music. Walked all the way back and checked if the speaker was effectively disconnected, it was..

Zeta Zero Orbital 360 speakers are true ribbon, passive, omnidirectional designs. Paired with kilowatt in-house built electronics they made for a very convincing full immersion representation, in case you are an MBL, German Physics or Duevel fan you should seriously consider Zeta Zero for a listen.


PS: Thomas Hyniewski and Norman Williams wrote their report on the Zeta Zero in 2015, give it a read

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