Warsaw 2017: Miro Krajnc and Soulsonic


Names like Andrew Jones, Laurence Dickie and Joachim Gerhard do ring a bell? From what I have found or better auditioned during the Warsaw show we must add Miro Krajnc to the list of modern speaker designers. Miro is the mind behind the Ubiq Model One, the Soulsonic Hologram X and the Natural Sound speakers.

I will focus this report on the Soulsonic Hologram X, an imposing hybrid design standing more than two meters tall and packing four 15″ neodymium magnet woofers, a 12″ paper-cone midrange driver and a ribbon tweeter good for 221 square cm effective radiating area. That is what goes on my book as a massive full range design. In the National stadium it was paired to MSB electronics, the stunning MSB Select II DAC with two mono power supplies, MSB transport and two MSB 204 mono power amps.

Sound was big, airy and very detailed, soundstage was wide, very wide actually and quite deep too, which for show conditions and with only some room treatment covering the big glass window behind the speakers was unexpected.

What I found even more impressive is the fact the Miro is one versatile designer. The Ubiq One speakers in the Sobieski hotel had nothing to share with the Soulsonic brand and the same can be said for the Natural Sound line. The Natural Sound, playing with Audio Tekne and Vertere, for example had a horn loaded air motion transformer tweeter working with a 12″ mid and an 18″ woofer, the Ubiq had a big wave-guided tweeter, an 8″ mid and a 12″ large diameter voice coil woofer. He is using pretty much any given design form, driver and finish for an always interesting end result.