Tidal offers 12-Days of streaming for free… what are you waiting for?

Get in on this.

Donna Summer had many hits in her long, multi-decade career. Her work with Goirgio Moroder in the mid seventies on LPs like Love to Love You Baby – to me – were the progenitors of electronic dance music as we know it today. But it’s her 1983 hit album, and title track She Works Hard for the Money, that I’m thinking about here. Why? Because I’m sure that you, like me, do that exact thing: We work hard for our money.

So when something as game-changing (in my small audiophile world) as Tidal HiFi streaming gets offered for 12 days free, it’s something you need to jump on.  If you’re not into slapping your cash on the table, and diving into a digital-audio setup to add to your system, this is the perfect opportunity to try a high-quality (16/44 – MQA) streaming service and see what the fuss is about.

–Rafe Arnott