Andy Regan

NAMM prep and CMO of HiFiMAN, Andrew Regan. Andy talks touring with David Bowie, selling high-end in New York and the absence of pre-show brown M&Ms. Special co-host Bryan Beasley.[podcast src=”″ height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”bottom” theme=”custom”]

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  1. Good ol Andy is an enchanting storyteller but has a tendency to exaggerate. Not doubting his tutoring or future connections from Robin Mayhew, or working on the road as part of a stage construction crew (low pay and lowsy accommodations in the 70s) but Showco handled the 78 Bowie World Tour and to suggest that he was the lead guy is factually incorrect.

    I’m not implying Andy hasn’t been around the block. If you read his resume, his residency at most of the audio companies he worked at lasted no more than two years, and there are many. The story regarding Beats and his brilliance as a marketer is over the top. There’s a little too much emphasis on self importance here which is possibly due to mentorship from Andrew Singer.

    Stevie Ray Vaughn never toured with Bowie, he was a featured instrumentalist on Let’s Dance. The contract negotiations for his performance fee failed and was replaced by Earl Slick on the Serious Moonlight Tour before it began. That we’ll just chalk up to middle age memory loss.

    BTW It’s John McLaughlin, not John McLocklin. oy vey!

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