Trafomatic Audio launches new Primavera statement headphone amp, and it’s a beast

The name Primavera is not appropriate if you ask me. Primavera stands for “spring” in Italian and though I can see where Saša Čokić, chief designer of Trafomatic Audio, is going with this, but it makes absolutely no justice to the gorgeous beast of 10Watts @50 Ohms in pure A class coming from Svetlana’s 811 direct heated triode tubes.

The amp has an enviable, almost unique feature, several secondary windings on the output transformers for matching practically any given headphone.  Available output impedances of 25 , 50 , 100 , 300 and 600 ohms translate into HiFiman Susvara (review to follow in a few days) and Abyss, Audeze and Sennheiser’s HD-800S, all will be driven to their limits and finely damped to perfection. A bit like impedance matching for moving coil cartridges, this is a guarantee for best possible sound out of your cans.

While speaking with Sasa the unfortunate price detail came in discussion, it is gonna be stiff.. I promised not to spill the beans on the exact MSRP yet but it will be above the Viva Egoista and somewhat bellow Woo Audio’s top of the line headphone amps. This is a statement product, a hefty price is to be expected.

The Primavera will be available for a listen at the upcoming NY CanJam, paired with HiFiMan’s Susvara headphones and my guess is it will be a best of show combo..

Me wants one.

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