Magnepan 30.7 demo event at Hifi Centre March 10th

Magnepan 30.7 loudspeakers.

Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Remember the book by science-fiction legend Ray Bradbury? The story arcs through the tale of a small town gripped in blood-chilling fear following the arrival of a spectral travelling carnival lead by the sinister Mr. Dark who has the power to grant people’s secret desires – at a cost that is only revealed to be too high once the deal is done.

I couldn’t help but remember the classic novel when Hifi Centre owner Igor Kivritsky mentioned that there was a Magnepan Road Show travelling across North America featuring the Minnesota company’s flagship, and award-winning 30.7 planar-magnetic loudspeakers. Magnepan marketing manager Wendell Diller is in charge of this aural carnival that is pulling into Vancouver on March 10th, and includes sold-out demo sessions from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Being a long-time fan of Magnepan designs, I’m excited for the opportunity to hear the 30.7s, but like the protagonists in Something Wicked, I’m fearful that after hearing the big Maggies, the cost will be high. To my wallet.

Associated equipment:

BDP3 Digital Player
BP26 Preamp
14B Power Amp
AVR2-20 Line Conditioner
Reference Cables

For more information contact Igor Kivritsky at Hifi Centre at (1)-888-232-9995.

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