AXPONA 2018: Innuos unveils more than a new ZENith Statement

The Story

Introducing a new two-box solution to something that wasn’t a problem seems kind of silly at first. The single box reference version of Innuos’ digital-everything box named ZENith Special Edition, now gets the Statement label, a second chassis, and inside all of the refinement you would expect from a no-holds-barred design. This however, is a prototype, which may be close to what the final production model is to look and sound like, with possibly a few minor tweaks still ahead. 

What is new in the ZENith Statement is an entirely new double-enclosure linear power supply, along with a new power-supply design created in partnership with Dr. Sean Jacobs. The reason? AC to DC conversion now takes places in a separate enclosure to help isolate transformer vibrations and EMI emissions. Inside of the main enclosure is the regulation stage, notable for shortening the DC supply chain between enclosures. As if it all wasn’t enough, incorporated OCXO clocks for USB, eight independent power rails, and custom-designed motherboards all working together to isolate noise and deliver the cleanest power possible to each of the critical components of the working systems inside the ZENith Statement.

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The Sound

The opening bars of Brenden Perry’s track “Wintersun” on his album Ark were quick to highlight the advancements made in moving the popular ZENith into Statement-level status during A/B comparisons. Switching back and forth between the ZENith SE and new Statement model, the differences were vast in the vocal arena. What remained in the ZENith Statement was everything you loved about the previous ZENith SE model.

Moving on to other tracks from various artists, and rotating the server lineup, things appear taller and with more nutrition. Darker backgrounds and noise were what the previous SE model was known for. Bigger brother has now shown to stand proud of an even darker background and swing for the fences with a better showing in the micro-dynamics department. We’ve gone from really excellent to really, really excellent. Considering the system as a whole is nearly as good as good gets, the new boxes from Innuos are holding their own even in the presence of great components such as the technologically definitive offerings from Aqua Acoustic Quality, Audio Research, YG acoustics, and Transparent Cable

The System

Innuos ZENith SE Music Server 
Innuos ZENith Statement Music Server (prototype) 
Aqua Acoustic Quality Formula xHD DAC Digital to Analog Converter
Audio Research GSPre Preamplifier
Audio Research GS150 Amplifier
YG Acoustics Hailey 1.2 Loudspeakers
Transparent All Cables


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