Los Angeles Audio Show 2018 Cancelled

LAAS-CANCELLEDThe 2018 Los Angeles Audio Show has been cancelled, and refunds will be issued immediately according to a statement released late Wednesday night by the show’s organizer Marine de Rogez-Presson. What this means exactly for the fate of the LAAS show in 2019 still seems to be determined, but it looks as if there may be only one LA-area show – The Home Entertainment Show, June 1-3, 2018 at the Marriott Irvine Spectrum Hotel – for the foreseeable future.


  1. Actually the Lonestar event is a horse of a different color. Geared more towards the show goer and Vendor. Much less expensive for vendors. For the people by the people
    If we just stick to gear and music instead of political messages by the LA crowd and organizers it just may be a success.
    Lots of progressive thinking in audio today. However not ALL customers are not such. I have seen it, experienced it and have been shunned.

  2. Yes I’ve heard this news from every audio site I visit yet not a one has said anything about the Lone Star AudioFest kicking off today.

    What’s that? Because it’s in Texas??

    • Never heard of it before you mentioned it. Their PR people need to send out some information obviously.

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