Munich High End 2018: Marten


In 2018 we celebrate Twenty years in the High-End audio business.

While we take a moment to reflect, we are still working hard behind the scenes.

Marten has an exciting year ahead with the launch of two new speakers – Mingus Twenty for our Twentieth anniversary and the new reference model, Coltrane Momento 2. Both speakers embody the current design philosophy of Marten; a combination of first-order crossover technology, Accuton CELL drivers and extremely low distortion.

We are also proud to release two new albums from Rhythm Art Duo and Duo Granmo-Berg on our label, Marten Recordings. These are available on our new shop:

Mingus Twenty Anniversary model

May 2018

This year we release Mingus Twenty, a special edition of our first production speaker Mingus. In 1998, Chief Designer Leif Olofsson, designed the original which kick-started Marten. Twenty years on, we are proud to honor that legacy with Mingus Twenty.

Mingus Twenty employs our market-leading first order crossover technique, combined with CELL drivers from Accuton. It combines the finest components we could find. It is the ultimate expression of our current design philosophy.

Limited to an edition of 20 pairs, it contains Jorma Statement cables and is finished with a solid Zebrano wood top.

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Coltrane Momento 2

May 2018

This year sees the release of one of our most anticipated successors, Coltrane Momento 2.

We have taken the original Coltrane Momento and rebuilt it using design cues from our flagship speaker Coltrane Supreme 2. The enhanced crossover developed for Supreme 2 and CELL drivers from Accuton are integral to Marten’s current design philosophy.

Momento 2’s unified cabinet is exceptionally rigid, reducing distortion to incredibly low levels. It is designed for easy positioning in the home just like its predecessor.

Official launch: Munich High End, May 2018.

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Trinity Series and Statement Power

May 2018

We are proud to add the Trinity series to the Jorma Design suite of award-winning cables.

Using the same technology as Statement and Duality, this replaces the No.3 series with improved materials and performance, at a fraction of the cost.

For the first time ever, we have created a power chord for Statement – simply called
Statement Power. It features improved inductors and shielding. Using Furutech NCF technology, we have created our ultimate power chord.