AXPONA 2018: After hours with The Audio Company


The Von Schweikert ULTRA 11 tour has made its way around to Axpona. Along with familiar faces in both Esoteric and VAC.

The Story

Exhibitors at audio shows are known for hosting after-hours listening parties, in part to relax and mingle with attendees in a less pressured environment, along with an extra chance to flaunt their wares.

For me this is a welcomed encore performance put on by The Audio Company at 2017’s Capital Audiofest (read about it HERE). It’s a brilliant move to have a system like this making its way around the globe, as it truly is a one of kind experience.

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Just like last time, the ULTRA 11 based system is the talk of the show, so much so that a successfully fore-thought after hours showing was almost unavoidable. In fact, I received my invite to this two-night event in the mail weeks in advance. That detail alone is noteworthy of mention as to the character and spirit of The Audio Company. It’s those extra touches that go the longest way in life, reminding us that overall we’re human and appreciated. Bravo!

The Sound

Disgustingly good. As the music scrolls by, soul crushing and unprecedented envy washes over me. A hot and damp sweat forms on my lower back. Negative and positive thoughts swirl in my head, I am reviewing  my life choices up to this point; a mixture of “Damn, I need to work harder in life.” and “I’m really lucky to be here.”

This is one of the few systems where photographs do well to tell the story. Just look at them and think about how we have possibly reached the human limits of what is possible in creating an audio experience so extraordinarily garish on one end of the spectrum, and yet a complete necessity of life on the other. These are the nights that dreams are made of my friends, well — if you’re an audiophile. It will be sunrise soon, but at this point I’m hours past the listening experience, I’m just lying here in a hotel bed, still thinking about the system.

The System

VAC Audio
Statement Phono Stage – $80,000 USD
Statement Line Stage – $75,000 USD
Statement 450 iQ Monoblock Power Amplifiers – $120,000 pr USD
This system uses two pair, a total of four ($240,000 USD)

Von Schweikert Audio
ULTRA 11 Loudspeaker – $295,000 pr USD
Shockwave V12 Subwoofer – $11,500 ea USD
– This system uses two ($23,000 USD)

N-01 Network Audio Player – $20,000 USD
Grandioso P1 Transport – $38,000 USD
Grandioso G1 Master Clock – $26,000 USD
Grandioso D1 Monoblock DAC – $19,000 ea USD
This system uses two, ($38,000 USD)

MasterBuilt Audio
Interconnects, Power Cords, and Speaker Cables

Critical Mass Systems
Maxxum MkIII Rack – $6,250 USD
This system uses 12 component spaces ($75,000 USD)
Maxxum MkIII Amp Stand – $6,250 USD
This system uses four ($25,000 USD)