AXPONA 2018: HHR Exotic Speakers tame the angles


The Story

Axpona rooms that draw a crowd are a pleasure to report on. Yes it does make my job to cover them a little harder, but I like the input I get from attendees. I wrestle my way up to the front to take some pictures and do my best to stay out of the sonic path when I realize, there probably is no way real way to ruin what these speakers do. Of course I could ask for a closed door session, but I ask for no special treatment — as in clearing the room for my own purposes — I don’t own that kind of ego.

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The HHR TLS-1 is a single driver Walsh style speaker is helmed by a 12” cone, steep in angle, the wave forms launch in all directions from a 67 degree slope, and in a donut pattern. No crossovers of any kind, the 3” aluminum ribbon voice coil is wound on a titanium former. Weighing in at over 200-lbs a piece, these speakers are large and also play that way. Expect to source a 100 watts minimum when choosing per channel amplification.


The Sound

With a full 360 degree dispersion everything sounds as large as the room will allow. The source of the sound is identifiable but only from a timing difference in the leading edge of the waveform. The best attribute of the sound was it’s lack of fatigue. It was speedy and full sounding, but never harsh. I know the speakers are for much larger rooms, and with current attendance in the room at a near fire risk level, I never felt the sound itself to be crowded in any way. The presentation was as musical as any at the show.


The System

HHR Exotic Speakers TLS-1 (Walsh style loudspeakers) – starting at $15,000 USD
Krell Illusion Preamplifier – $9,500 USD
Krell Duo 300 Stereo Amplifier – $15,000 USD
PS Audio P500 Multi-Wave Power Plant – $2,500 USD
Q-Sonix Model 210 Computer server w/ touch screen (2TB) – $8,250 USD