Limited Time Offer: Deluxe Edition of Dust & Grooves

DUST & GROOVES: Adventures in Record Collecting. A book about the world’s finest record collectors, by Eilon Paz.
Eilon Paz, creator of Dust & Grooves, photo by: Laura Banish

Want to see something cool? Something you can fondle and share? Well, you’re in luck because Dust & Grooves has a limited time exclusive offer for you PTA readers.

Check it out: the Deluxe Second Edition of Dust & Grooves! This massive and luscious book will ship with an original 8.5×11″ print (from the book), and includes a slipcover with blind de-boss and red foil stamping.

Best of all: you can get it at 30% off ($41.30 instead of $59 — and yes, the copy on Amazon is different).

Discount valid on all items on the Dust & Grooves store. Code/offer are valid thru June 16th.

How do you get this nifty thing? Use discount code PTA30exclusive at checkout.

Thanks so much to author Eilon Paz for making this generous offer available.

Sounds like a great Father’s Day gift to me. Better hurry.

Special offer — the book, special cover, and this print!

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