AXPONA 2018: Legacy and Raven Audio, just the beginning of a beautiful friendship


If you are no stranger to the audio show circuit, then I probably don’t have to tell you that Legacy Audio and Raven Audio have put forth some of the most unique audio show exhibits during the last three years. Theirs is a partnership of recognized artistry, which will ultimately see both companies operating together on a higher plane in the near future.

The Story

Raven Audio is still riding high on their newest models that round out the Avian Series family of integrated amplifiers. The Eagle, a 50 watt per channel integrated amplifier, with a variety of output specifications as output tubes choices are ready for rolling. In some sense the Eagle is a little brother to the Golden Eagle. Yet both weigh in at a hefty 60-lbs a piece and are the heaviest yet in the Avian Series bloodline. The Golden Eagle, a 75 watt per channel integrated amplifier built specifically around the KT150 output tube, and making the most of its output potential.

Expansion is also the tale of the year, as Raven Audio has moved into larger spaces for both sales and manufacturing all located near Houston, Texas USA. With that expansion comes added personnel to fill out the growing design and production duties. Being close to College Station of Texas A&M should make searching the talent pool easier.

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Legacy Audio is making a splash with their new VALOR loudspeaker, a six foot tall 300-lb array of drivers and internal amplification that reaches 2,750 watts of pure flagship heaven. This stereo package includes the already popular Legacy Wavelet. The Wavelet is a DAC/Preamp/Crossover, and DSP correction unit that will “learn” your room. Processing occurs at 96khz and a depth of 56 bits, a trillion or so times the resolution of a CD.

Showing five systems in one ballroom is a feat that Legacy has somehow found ways to perfect. Including the Wavelet into the largest of the three systems has a lot to do with it. Using Raven Audio power amplifiers for all but the VALOR is likely also a worthy place of blame for such audaciously good sounding systems.

The Sound

I’ve been a fan of Legacy speakers for some time now, and I admit — it’s probably from owning a pair. The Studio HD, Signature SE, and Focus SE models are traditional Legacy, but outright updated in many aspects of driver technology and refinement of sound over the Legacy’s of yore. For me the Focus SE is the hands down best bargain you can ask for in the Legacy lineup. Could it have been the 325 watt Raven Shaman Mk2 monoblocks, or the Wavelet contributing so much to the updated quality of sound, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s all of it.

The Legacy VALOR and Aeris stand apart from all other speakers in the room. Heck, they stand apart from all others at the show. If you can name an eleven-driver speaker system that can attain this level of coherence and strength, while never losing sight of delicacy — please, let me know. The stereo image is reconstructed in a way that no others can do within the sound field of a normal room, much less a ballroom.


The Systems

Legacy VALOR Loudspeakers – $80,000 pr USD
– includes Legacy Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Crossover, DSP w/ Stereo Unfold Technology
Raven Audio Silhouette Mk2 Monoblocks (125 watt) – $25,995 pr USD

Legacy Aeris Loudspeakers – $19,525 pr USD (as shown)
Legacy Calibre XD Monitors – $7,230 pr USD (as shown)
Legacy Wavelet Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Crossover – $4,950 USD
Raven Audio Silhouette Mk2 Monoblocks (125 watt) – $25,995 pr USD

Legacy Focus SE Loudspeakers – $11,990 pr USD (as shown)
Legacy Wavelet Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Crossover – $4,950 USD
Raven Audio Shaman Mk2 Monoblocks (325 watt) – $49,995 pr USD

Legacy Signature SE Loudspeakers – $7,785 pr USD (as shown)
Raven Audio Golden Eagle Integrated Amplifier (75 watt) – $6,595 USD

Legacy Silhouette On-Wall Loudspeakers – $4,390 pr USD (as shown)
Legacy Studio HD Bookshelf Speakers – $1,980 pr USD (as shown)
Raven Audio Eagle Integrated Amplifier – $5,695 USD

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