AXPONA 2018: The Sound Environment and the simple sound of unity


I met two wonderful men in a hotel elevator at Axpona. It’s not often that you get to freely say such things as a man but that’s a topic for another time and place. A discussion started brewing on the elevator between Alan Kafton (of The Cable Cooker) and myself about show turnout, and the sounds we’ve experienced so far.

The Story

As in most real-life social settings (the opposite is true for social media) strangers don’t usually interject themselves into a conversation, but considering everyone at the show is considered audiophile brethren — I was welcoming to all invasion. The two gentlemen joined our conversation in the hallway outside of the elevators. We spoke mostly about the show attendees and I couldn’t recall every detail tossed around, but I walked away with both of their business cards, their room number (exhibit room number) in the Renaissance hotel, and a really good feeling about the dealer network.

The two men I spoke with were of The Sound Environment, an Omaha, NE audio dealer. Co-owners Douglas Robinson and president Charles Santimire were proud of their exhibition and the organization of the new Axpona venue. I had to see for myself how their spoken care for the customer translated from the top on down through their company. Once inside their exhibit room I met with TSE consultants Todd Snyder and Gale Cooper. Immediately I exclaimed “I’ve heard you guys really know how to setup ’em up right.” To which one of them replied, “You’ve heard right.”

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True to expectations, the TSE exhibit’s grasp of old tried and true retail experience shown through like few others do at a show. Exhibiting great sound in a comfortable and welcoming way is what The Sound Environment staff members understand clearly, and perform through and through. I resigned myself to the back of the room to listen in on a few conversations happening with show attendees about the products before them. Music started and stopped when necessary, both Gale and Todd were doing so well to talk with and not at the attendees. They do right by people, and in turn do right by the company. What more could you ask for?

The Sound

A few static displays were in the room: a couple of McIntosh components, a VTL integrated, and a smattering of Totem bookshelf speakers and driver components.

The NAIM Uniti Atom and Totem Sky Tower combination was right on time. There was an REL sub-woofer in the room but it was not activated during my listening sessions. NAIM in my opinion does not always play well with others, as I have experienced before with other speakers. However in the case of the Totem Sky towers, synergy was clicking well and for my own tastes there was no need for a sub-woofer, though I’m sure it’s foundation might be to the liking of others.

The sound of the simple system was in fact great. But more important to me, was the sound of conversations had between attendees and the rooms brand representatives. It is abundantly clear that The Sound Environment’s mission is to care for the customer and develop that long term relationship of service with them. I would hope that this focus is just how it’s done in the broader landscape.

The System

Sky Tower Loudspeakers – $2,250 pr USD

Uniti Atom All-In-One Music Player – $2,995 USD

Music Wave Speaker Cable (MW8) – $440 pr USD
High Performance Power Cord (HPPC2) – $320 USD

T9i Subwoofer – $1299 USD


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  1. Gale and Todd are top shelf folks. I’ve visited them when I have been in the Omaha area. Definitely worth a stop. Their prime room is exceptional.

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