Capital Audiofest 2018: The True Beginning of The Holiday Season


Capital Audiofest, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

The shorter days, and darker nights of fall leave me cold. Gone is the light in my spirit that comes from sunny summer days. Every year I look forward to the warm electric glow of tube amplifiers that deck the halls of Capital Audiofest to restore, and sustain, my inner warmth during these cold months. I look forward to faces of friends that share my passion for music; a surrogate family of my choosing. I look forward to the family-like dinners that Capital Audiofest brings in its after hours. I look forward to the warm embrace of music, when the needle drops into the groove.

Nothing feels more like the holidays, than Capital Audiofest.

Capital Audiofest is an intimate audio show, and it is my favorite audio show for that reason. Not as large as some audio shows, but definitely of greater quality. Overall, things feel a little more laid back at Capital Audiofest. People seem more willing to connect with each other, the systems, and the music. One can linger in demonstration rooms a little longer than at other audio shows without the fear of missing-out on other rooms. For me, Capital Audiofest is a better show-going experience.

Capital Audiofest 2018 begins Friday, November 2nd and runs through Sunday, November 4th.

Capital Audiofest will be held at the newly renovated Hilton Washington DC, in Rockville Maryland. We, the audiophile community, are blessed to have a three day festival of sound, upon which we can rejoice in our shared love of music, gear, and community. I for one am ready for Capital Audiofest to kick-off my holiday season. Cheers!

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Memories from the Capital Audiofest of yore.

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  1. I was looking forward to attending my first CAF this year as I had no calendar conflicts. Then I got transferred and am in the process of moving this week. 🙁

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