CAF 2018: Must See Rooms, Saturday


There are over 1,000,000 brands exhibiting here at Capital Audiofest … okay, okay, — I don’t know how many brands exactly, but it does seem like a lot this year. Which makes 2018’s event feel every bit like the “premier show of North America’s eastern coast”, that we often claim it to be. Fear not, as the rag-tag band of misfits from Part-Time Audiophile are here to be your surrogate audio show guide.

Here are some surefire rooms to get you started off on the right foot.

Daedalus, LampizatOr, Wells Audio, WyWires – Room #516

I’ve been waiting to meet (and listen) with Jeff Wells of Wells Audio for some time. The electronics created by Mr. Wells, are scary good with familiar pairings from Daedalus Audio, LampizatOr, and WyWires.


Amphion, Benchmark – Room #509

Firmly grounded with a history in studio and pro sound, Amphion returns to home audio with a stable of speaker designs that to my ear offer comforting treble and mid-range that compliment the Amphion idea of how bass should sound. Natural and just right. From bookshelves to reference towers, a little bit of everything is on hand for your audition.


Dr. Vinyl, GamuT, Etsuro Urushi, Pear Audio – Room #321

This is probably a room that I should have included in my Friday list as it carries with it a benchmark vibe for the audio show experience. Great sound, great music, great personality.


Classic Audio Loudspeakers, Atma-Sphere, Tri-Planar, Purist Audio Designs – Room #Roosevelt (Main Floor)

Field Coils, Reel-to-Reel Tape, and Nipper (the RCA dog) — what’s not to like?


Well Pleased A|V, QLN, LinnenberG, Innuos, Aqua – Room #504

Mark Sosa of Well Pleased A|V knows how to curate and assemble killer systems. A consistent torch bearer for new and exciting experiences in hi-fi. Do not miss out on his room, I guarantee you will leave… Well Pleased.


Hollis Audio Labs – Room #Plaza 1 (Main Floor)

Open-baffle servo subs, Parasound amps, open-baffle DIY monitors, and software. Quite a pleasing ensemble.


Pure Audio Project, Luminous Audio, VPI Industries – Room #Adams (Main Floor)

A seriously insightful and exhilarating sound. Pure Audio Project’s open-baffle loudspeakers can play any room short of an arena, and there is no real evidence to say they can’t play buildings of that size. Monstrous bass scale, and be you a fan of the Voxativ field coil (raises hand) or Harry Weisfeld’s favorite, the Horn1 module — you are assured a hair raising experience.


Zu Audio, MoFi – Room #Eisenhower (Main Floor)

Relief, Sanctuary, and Hideout; three ways I would describe what a Zu Audio room can be, aside from the obvious audio exhibit. From the Druid model on down to the Omen, everything was tight, fast, and rocking.


The Atrium Level (Atrium Floor)

The most festival atmosphere of the show.

Mytek Audio, Bob’s Devices, Symbol Audio, M-A Recordings, Tweak Studio, Cash For Music, QOBUZ, Jaszen Loudspeakers, Elusive Disc, SOTA, Just Audio/Ideal Electronics, Cleaning Vinyl Records, HiFi Websites, Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC), Kirmuss Audio, CD Cellar, El Suprimo Records, Chris Hite Records, Audio Envy


Do stay tuned for more in-depth and dedicated reporting from the Part-Time Audiophile team on each exhibit we’ve visited.

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