The Audiophile Socialites | CAF 2018


A photographic narrative that parallels the typical show going experience, or in all likelihood is indistinguishable from it. There is no unequivocal way to gauge the probability of a social symmetry.


There will always be members of the community or industry (which is sometimes both) who revel in tearing down the meaning of the things we: do, lust for, and react to. I am one of them, and I am not alone. Many times at audio shows there are great opportunities to engage with healthy thinkers, not so often found in such high concentration.

The Hallways

Surrogate meeting spaces for those on the move, in-between the listening of systems, we share our time, our interests, and sometimes our bourbon.

The Live Music

When premium dealers like The Voice That Is! sponsor live music for the entire festival to enjoy, you know that we’re serious about the music and not just the gear.

The Recorded Music

Discovery is a great part of the show in many aspects, but in its most simple form, the acquisition of new music. Where else but at an audiophile show would you find crates of vinyl organized as such?

The Food

Did I mention, we eat? Not to take it too personal, but I gain weight at shows.

The After-Party

You knew this was coming. It’s even in the title. You must work hard to play hard, and at the end of a full audio show year, Capital Audiofest delivers the right atmosphere to let loose, and fuel up for the upcoming new year.

The Coffee

As any audio-show-after-party’er knows, there is the requisite coffee that follows the next morning.


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