CAF 2018: Zu Audio, Mytek, MoFi, HiFi Logic; Always right on time


Zu Audio brings two pairs, Mytek Digital amplifies the Brooklyn sound, MoFi Electronics spins wax, and HiFi Logic takes us on a musical journey.


The Story

Koby Koranteng of HiFi Logic was on hand to play record selector, and guide throughout our musical journey. Koby is famous for breaking down the history behind the grooves. His enthusiastic presentation was as enjoyable as the records selected and played. Wind him up, and let him go. You’ll have a good time.


Our journey of sound, took us on a tour of many west and north African rock groups of the ‘70s and ‘80s. A genre I am familiar with, Koby added many details, insights and perspectives unfamiliar to me about one of my favourite underrated genres. What makes this special is that we know HiFi Logic is a project and business derived out of passion for music. The gear is important, but only as it serves the ultimate priority — good music.

Zu Audio’s owner and flounder Sean Casey was on hand to spin the records selected by Koby Koranteng of Hifi Logic. Sean was using two MoFi Electronics UltraDecks, each fitted with Zu Audio’s own Zu/DL-103 pickup. This Denon supplied cartridge is an all out Frankenstein like re-building of the Six Million Dollar Man — everything is made better, faster, and stronger. Sounds good too.

The Sound

Having recently heard the same Zu Speakers at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in what is an unbelievably larger room than the one here at Capital Audiofest, I felt this time was more intimate. It’s hard to believe I am using the word intimate to describe the walk-away emotions had in one of the largest rooms at the show. The Zu Audio speakers use their efficiency to play loud and fast. It seems no room size is out of bounds for them. It was just in 2014 that I last heard the Zu Audio speakers in a realistically sized hotel room. The experience wasn’t overloaded. And that system was using just 18 watts of amplification.

What struck me silly was how well the Mytek Brooklyn Amplifier here at Capital Audiofest, left nothing behind in the music. Compared to the many times I’ve heard Zu Audio speakers on Pass Labs amplification, the Mytek held its own well, and added its name to an already short discussion.


The System

Zu Audio

– Druid Mk.VI Loudspeaker – $9,999 USD

– Omen Dirty Weekend Loudspeaker – $999 USD

– Zu/DL-103 [Grade-2] Pickup (phono cartridge) – starting at $799 USD

– Event Loudspeaker Cables – $1,300 pr USD

– Event Interconnects – $400 pr USD

– Event Power Cables – $500 USD

– Submission Subwoofer – $5,250 USD

Mytek Digital

– Brooklyn Amplifier – $2,495 USD

Mobile Fidelity Electronics

– UltraDeck (table and tonearm only) – $1,799 USD