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I would be lying if I said that the order these albums are in has nothing to do with how many dalmes I played each one. It’s a strange year in music. Take a look at any of the Best Albums of 2018 and you’ll see the usual group think, but also lists that are all over the place. Frankly, when I look at this list in comparison to the others, I think I must be living in a parallel universe. All I know is that there is a lot of flat out brilliant work on this list and I hope you take the time to check them out. Happy New Year!

Kemper Norton: Hungen

File Under: post-rock, dirges, electronic and a real treasure to our world. He’s never failed us yet.

Todd W. Emmert: A New Normal

File Under: folkatronic, experimental dirges

Sourdure: Mantras

File Under: earatronics, incantations, antediluvian-deep space, fourth world

The Glands: The Glands

File Under: Athens Indie rock reissue. How did we all miss this one?

Zimpel / Ziołek: Zimpel/Ziolek

File Under: Kraut-trance-jazz-fusion

Luwten: Luwten

File Under: singer songwriter, Dutch, R&B, electronica, a revelation

Julia Holter: Aviary

File Under: So much promise and brilliance, then she goes and explores a new planet and sends back these musical messages instead of words.

Hamish Kilgour: Finklestein

File Under: barn owls, pudding and other tidbits

Hidden Glow: Fimian

File Under: analog experimental, Russian avant-garde, improvisation

Harmony Rockets with Special Guest Peter Walker: Lachesis / Clotho / Atropos

File Under: psyche, american ragas

Flasher: Constant Image

File Under: Indie pop, post-punk has never seemed more timely and necessary.

Mothers: Render Another Ugly Method

File Under: art-rock, avant-garde and sometimes proggy. Certainly one of the most original and inspiring pieces of rock music from 2018.

Rapoon: Airstrikes

File Under: ambient ethno-dystopia

Mind Over Mirrors: Bellowing Sun

File Under: Some musicians just know where to find the Interzone.

A Macaca & Gama: J’ecris

File Under: Little is known about this collaboration. I just hope it continues.

Landing: Bells in New Towns

File Under: 25 years this husband and wife team have been making remarkable music together.

Liars: Title With the Word Fountain TFCF

File Under: it’s not rock, jazz, grime, techno, hardcore, punk, vaporware, or anything else.

Will Stewart: County Seat

File Under: I’m going to call it Americana

Celer + Forest Management: Landmarks

File Under: ambient revelations

The Bunny Tylers: Chance Meetings

File Under: Tones On Tailish

AMMAR 808: Maghreb United

File Under: Arabic, modulation, trance and desert blues

Power Trip: Opening Fire: 2008-2014

File Under: I can’t help but love these guys. They do it so well and its a vibe and a mood that I sometimes want to revisit.

Ben Vince: Assimilation

File Under: Avant-garde-jazz and so much more

Haley Heynderickx: I Need to Start a Garden

File Under: A subtle, serene songwriter

Chris Carter: Chemistry Lessons Vol. One

File Under: master futurist industrial synth sensei

David Sylvian & Holger Czukay: Plight & Premonition/ Flux & Mutability

File Under: reissue of double LP (1988-1989)

Mark Fell: Intra

File Under: microtonal intercepts

David Keye & Thomas Harris: Patchworks

File Under: hypnogogic, jazz, electronic, field recordings

Conner Youngblood: Cheyenne

File Under: folkatronic neo-soul and other raptures

Phantastic Ferniture: Phantastic Ferniture

File Under: she rocks

Emma Ruth Rundle: On Dark Horses/Marked For Death

File Under: post-rock, post-folk, post-metal

The Necks: Body

File Under: ecstatic jazz/ambient meditations

Chaines: The King

File Under: simply amazing electro-acoustic dramaturgy

Ambrose Akinmusire: Origami Harvest

File Under: If this is hip hop then why is it so rarely I hear it?

Young Fathers: Cocoa Sugar

File Under: these Brits have been exploring the history of black music in beautiful and startling ways. not to mention what is the most stunning album covers

Demdike Stare: Passion

File Under: arc light, barn burning, dissolution overdrive

Low: Double Negative

File Under: Imagine writing amazing music for 20 years then stepping it up a few notches more and adding it some dissonance, noise. and glitched

Tim Hecker: Konoyo

File Under: did you ever wonder where the birds go to sleep at night. This is the music they hear in their dreams.

Amen Dunes: Freedom

File Under: His best effort so far, imbued with a pathos and empathy and his struggle with the loss of his mother to cancer.

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  1. Dang, what a list. I’ve always enjoyed your site but this list has so many “full-time” listening nuggets. Brave and amazing

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