dCS Releases Rossini 2.0 software and provides more Roon love…

The train of updates at dCS seems to never stop and as they deliver us a New Years present with the release of the dCS Rossini 2.0 software.

We enjoyed listening to the dCS Bartok at CEDIA and again at Audio Element, both of which made clear to us that the dCS Bartok is nipping at the heels of its bigger sibling dCS Rossini.

dCS Rossini 2.0 Software update:

With the success of the Bartok, dCS promises that the new 2.0 software elevates the Rossini, bringing some of the Reference Vivaldi sauce downstream.

The Rossini 2.0 software includes:

  • Updated RingDAC mapping algorithm based on the Vivaldi 2.0. This includes user-selectable mapping optimizations to allow for further tailoring of the sonic character of the DAC.
  • Addition of a DSDx2 up-sampling option adapted from Vivaldi 2.0 and Vivaldi One.
  • Addition of DSD Filter 5 from Vivaldi 2.0 ( A personal favorite of mine when listening to DSD on my Vivaldi DAC )
  • Improved handling of MQA transitions to eliminate dropouts
  • New time display modes for Rossini Player
  • Support for app control of a connected Rossini Transport (requires update to the dCS Rossini app via the App Store)

The Rossini software update is available now.

Internals of a dCS Rossini

Network Firmware Update:

dCS has done a major revision to the Network Firmware used across all of their streaming products: dCS Rossini, dCS Vivaldi One, dCS Vivaldi Upsampler and dCS Network Bridge. This release should provide a very high level of reliability when using Roon, as it release includes a complete re-write of our Roon Ready implementation and brings with it a number of performance and stability improvements. Roon support in this updated released gets an independent signal path.

The dCS Rossini, dCS Vivaldi One, dCS Vivaldi Upsampler can all be upgraded effective immediately over the internet.  The firmware for the dCS Network Bridge will also be released as a update over the internet in early 2019.

Installation Details from dCS:

The update process can be initiated from within the dCS app with the following steps:
From the main screen of the dCS app tap on the wrench or gear icon in the upper right corner.

  1. Tap on the ‘Information’ button
  2. Tap on ‘Version’
  3. Tap on ‘Check for Updates’
  4. The user will be prompted to download and install the update.

For Rossini the process will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes and once complete the front panel will display ‘PLEASE RESTART’. At this time the device should be power-cycled using the rear panel switch. Once complete the Rossini should be reporting the following software versions:

  • Main Board: 2.00
  • Network Board: 406

If both versions were not updated, please re-try the update process.

Vivaldi and Vivaldi One devices should be power-cycled after the network firmware update is complete and the device is once again available via the dCS app.
Once complete the unit should be reporting the following on the versions screen:

Vivaldi Upsampler

  • Control Board: 2.10
  • Interface Board: 2.10
  • Front Panel: 2.10
  • Network: 406

Vivaldi One

  • Control Board: 1.11
  • Front Panel: 1.10
  • Interface Board: 1.10
  • Network: 406

I am anxiously waiting to update my dCS Network Bridge to the new firmware.  If you upgrade your Rossini, please share your thoughts with us on the improvements in sonic quality here.

Happy New Year