CES 2019: TIDAL Masters on all Android devices and MQA momentum

As we transit down to CES 2019, TIDAL made our journey a little easier with TIDAL Masters (MQA) now available on all Android devices!

TIDAL Masters on all Android devices

While LG and Essential smartphone owners have previously been able to enjoy TIDAL Masters, TIDAL has now released an updated app that supports Masters playback on all Android handsets. With the latest update, the TIDAL Android app will now include the MQA decoder.

Prior to this morning, the streaming settings in TIDAL only allowed HiFi. After the update this morning, my Samsung Edge 8 Android device was automatically switched from HiFi to Masters.

It was nice to kick back prior to the flight and listen to my TIDAL playlists to ease the airport pain. I’ve have been discovering some of my old favorites in MQA on TIDAL Masters.

Access to TIDAL Masters on mobile is a huge win for TIDAL customers who have been anxiously waiting with Android devices.

Nugs.Net offers MQA Downloads

Nugs.net is something I recently discovered. They offer a great catalog of live concerts available for streaming or high resolution download. They now offer streaming and downloads in MQA.

Last week I downloaded the recent Seattle Pearl Jam concert in MQA. I had seen the show in person, but the sound in my seat in Safeco Stadium was awful. Listening to the MQA encoded version of the show was sweet on my dCS digital stack. Next time, I’ll pass on the overpaying for a concert ticket in poor venue.

MQA demonstrates Automobile support

Sorry Elon, this year at CES 2019 an MQA-powered ‘proof of concept’ listening experience will be demonstrated in the Karma Revero. Should be fun, can we take one for a test drive?

Mike Jbara, MQA CEO, commented,

MQA in the car is the natural progression, with MQA the only solution for enjoying studio quality sound on the move – be that smartphone, portable device and, now, automobile. We’re privileged to be working with so many exceptional partners spanning automotive, hardware manufacturers, music services and record labels, with the shared aim of delivering the best sounding audio to the widest possible audience.”

Other MQA News

Other MQA News (Taken from the MQA CES Press release)


Via a recent firmware upgrade, Astell&Kern has extended its support for MQA playback across its range of coveted portable players: the SP1000M, SE100 and SR15 models join the flagship SP1000 with MQA capability. All models also feature the integrated TIDAL app, so HiFi subscribers can stream master quality music on the move.

Expanding playback choices

Leading custom install brand, Integra, joins the growing ranks of MQA partners, adding MQA decoding capability to two of its network stereo receivers, the DTM-6 and DTM-7. Following its latest firmware update, the Mark Levinson No 519 Audio Player is now MQA certified, enabling playback and authentication of MQA audio files and streams.

Existing partners who are continuing to integrate and expand their MQA offerings include the following:

· ESS has launched its ES9281 PRO, the first high-performance USB Audio DAC chip, as well as a series of USB Low-Power Audiophile DAC chips. These all feature integrated MQA rendering that allows partners to easily implement MQA audio into a wide variety of applications.

· The SL-G700 Network / Super Audio CD Player* from Technics is a multi-digital player that plays back digital audio media from CD and SACD through to streaming services, and is the latest player to support the full MQA-CD listening experience.

· NAD Electronics is unveiling a new flagship product for NAD Masters at CES – the M10 is a BluOS enabled amplifier that offers full MQA decoding.

· Onkyo has added full MQA decoding to seven of its stereo models: the TX-8250, TX-8260, and TX-8270 Network Stereo Receivers; the NS-6130 and NS-6170 Network Audio Players; the R-N855 Network Stereo Receiver; and the CR-N775D Network CD receiver.

· The SX-N30AE stereo receiver and the N-30AE network audio player join Pioneer’s MQA-enabled range.

· MQA listening demos will be available on the Sony Walkman NW-WM1Z portable player.


  1. MQA allows streaming(!!) of hires files and it sounds amazing..brings an analog quality to digital listening.

  2. MQA is a solution in search of a problem. If your electronics suffer from jitter and distortion you might like it, though. Meanwhile it’s a distraction and this article is hype.

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