FLORIDA 2019: Dynamic Sound Associates (DSA), Analogue Productions, VPI Industries, Luminous Audio Technology, Vienna Acoustics, Tweek Geek


Dynamic Sound Associates (DSA) and Analogue Productions hosted a two room exhibition of high-quality vinyl pressings, along with award winning systems. DSA always impresses, no matter the show or venue, and this time at the Florida Audio Expo was no different.


The Story

It was only a little over one year ago that I heard DSA’s Pre I, Phono II, and Amp I helming a system consisting of a VPI Industries front end, and Studio Electric loudspeakers handling the “presentation” position of the audio chain. That room was one our picks for best-in-show, and lead to an eager review of the Studio Electric M4 monitors that did so well, coupled to DSA’s monster Class-A monoblocks.

Now in Florida, the news of the day was that DSA’s Pre I, Phono II, and Amp I were all updated, and in their current iteration, performing better than ever. DSA never rests on their laurels, always working to propel their product line towards better sound and higher levels of refinement. Working in tandem with VPI Industries three-headed affair the Avenger “Magnetic Drive” with JWM-12 Fatboy 3D-Printed tonearms and a slew of Ortofon stereo (and mono) cartridges.


Luminous Audio Technology was standing tall, as their power cables, interconnects, and speaker cables were what I consider the greatest value product in the system. Nothing about the system was restrained or lacking life-like tone. With prices for most of the cable components in this system being under $700 USD, one has to consider them for even the most high-end systems.

Tweek Geek was once again, making waves (or quelling the bad ones), in a DSA system. Their power conditioning, room treatment, and tuning devices continue to show up in some of our top performing systems in the audio show circuit. Coincidence? You decide.

The Sound

Sometimes I think the line where music is less a great sound, and more a collection of great instruments, is in the electronics. Everything matters, but for my money nothing matters more at the highest mountain peaks than only the most superb amplification devices. Listening to the Vienna Acoustics‘ Liszt speakers, which I’ve heard many times before, with a stout set of Class-A monoblocks, and the outstanding analog source and recordings on hand — never have I heard them so easily convince me that bass unto itself is an instrument, and not just a sound. Focus and imaging (though stellar) took a back seat, to the tonal texture and action across the frequency range. This is what high-end is all about. That next level was achieved, and all players in the system were to credit.

The System

VPI Industries

– Avenger “Magnetic Drive” w/ three JWM-12 Fatboy 3D-Printed Tonearms – $31,200 USD


– MC A95 – $6,499 USD

– MC Windfield TI – $4,390 USD

– Cadenza Mono – $1,280 USD

Dynamic Sound Associates (DSA)

– Phono II Phono Preamplifier – $13,500 USD

– Pre I Linestage Preamplifier – $16,500 USD

– Amp I Monoblock Power Amplifiers – $25,000 pr USD

Vienna Acoustics

– Liszt Loudspeakers – starting at $15,798 (as shown $18,798 in Rosewood)

Luminous Audio Technology

– Mega Power Lynx Power Cables (1.5m) – $699 USD

– Synchestra Silver Reference Interconnects (1m) – $699 USD

– Synchestra Silver Reference Speaker Cables – starting at $400 USD

Tweek Geek

– Bybee Stealth Dark Matter Power Purifier – $5,949 USD

– ADD-Powr Sorcer Reference Parallel Line Conditioner – $4,999 USD

– The Stien Harmonizer Room Treatments – starting at $2,995 USD