Lee Scoggins Promoted to International Editor


ATLANTA (PTA) — Lee Scoggins, the Atlanta-based high-end audio journalist, has been promoted to International Editor for Part-Time Audiophile as part of its aggressive expansion into an inclusive multi-national and multi-cultural corporation.

Reporting by Eric Franklin Shook

Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis, the apparently outgoing International Editor for the sprawling online high-end audio-media conglomerate, could not be reached for comment. However, an auto-reply on his corporate email offered the following insight: “You have (not) reached me here on the glorious island paradise of Zakynthos. Currently, I am either prancing like Triton through the sea spray, or I am heroically saving the eyesight of poor migrant children displaced by cruel and heartless regimes. Either way, you are jealous and my tan is magnificent.”

Scoggins will assume the new position as International Editor effective immediately, and will promptly begin his relocation to PTA International Offices in London, England, which are coincidentally — and conveniently for Scoggins — located between MQA Ltd’s London headquarters and Duke’s Hotel and its iconic martini bar.

Scot Hull, CEO of PTA Media, stated that Lee’s new duties will be “to consolidate our power across the globe and crush all those who oppose us.” Hull, whose last expansion was financed by the Rothschild family, feels that Scoggins is uniquely positioned to smite enemies as well as “help audiophiles find an affordable DAC that will best suit their needs as well as their budgets.”

Scoggins and his wife, as well as their dogs, will relocate to London by the end of April. When asked in which part of London he wanted to settle, Lee said “does Van Morrison live in London? Anywhere on the block where he lives would be fine.”

Scoggins, in a recent CNN interview, explained his strategies to journalist Chris Cuomo: “Have you even listened to Qobuz, Chris? C’mon!” Cuomo has been a critic of Scoggins in the past, stating on his show that he still enjoys listening to MP3s and that “Lee is a so-called golden-eared, evangelistic proponent of high-end audio, but why spend more money when you can just plug in a cheap pair of earbuds straight into your iPhone?” The televised debate between the two resulted in some of Cuomo’s highest ratings since Cuomo Prime Time debuted in August of last year.

Further information on these developments can be found here.


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