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AXPONA 2019 Show Coverage brought to you by the LSA Group

CHICAGO (PTA) — This year’s AXPONA audio show is already on course to be their biggest, and most newsworthy yet. Lots of product debuts are happening at this show, and we’re committed to bringing you the most extensive coverage of what’s NEW and out-of-this-world in the hi-fi universe.

Let’s continue with the Must See Rooms for Sunday (Day Three) of Axpona 2019

ROOM #488 — Vinnie Rossi, Triode Wire Labs

Absolutely shocking! Vinnie Rossi debuts a new open-baffle speaker that does so well to tell you the truth, each recording carries with it only the studio’s personality. It gets out of the way, imparting nothing of itself, and delivers stunning detail from top to bottom. For a first foray into loudspeakers, Vinnie certainly has come in like a seasoned pro. More to come on these new speakers very soon.

ROOM #478 — Core Power Technologies A/V, Living Sounds Audio (The LSA Group), Emerald Physics, Underwood HiFi

The first time I heard the LSA monitors, I was shocked at their bass, and their ability to play so well after being assembled the day before. No break-in, still in experimental stages. They did not play like prototypes. Here at AXPONA however, the new LSA monitor has seen some revisions and like before has tremendous bass detail and power for a monitor, but what’s different from previous listening is how refined the mid-range and top-end are. Including how linear the voicing is.

ROOM #416 Zesto Audio, Marten, Merrill-Williams, Cardas

Zesto and the rest of the players were exhibiting one of the best examples of true high-fidelity. Everything you would list as necessary in a critical listening experience, had it’s box firmly checked off. The new Andros Deluxe Phonostage was exhibiting ultimate control of noise and detail, while in chorus with the Merrill-Williams table and Benz Micro cartridge. A must hear room for all attendees.

PTA web core power 728x90

ROOM #540 — Well Pleased Audio Vida, Aqua, GigaWatt, Innuos, Qualiton, Rethm, SGR, SwissCables

Rethm loudspeakers offers the greatest soundstage depth I’ve ever heard anywhere. There is no soundstage that places instruments among a plane that nearly rolls off into a limitless distance. With a stated 98db sensitivity, and dual 8-inch powered sub-woofers loaded in each cabinet, the options for amplification have no restrictions. Well Pleased AV once again, assembles one of the best stable of imported brands at the show.

ROOM #528 — KLH, Rogers High Fidelity

KLH is BACK! At right around $1,300 USD for the tower speakers, you get one of the most balanced and dynamic loudspeakers on the market. Nothing about the new KLH towers looks or sounds like a budget friendly freshman effort. Working with Rogers High Fidelity amplification, the old adage of “spend the bulk of your money on the speakers” just went out the window. Also of note were the KLH in-wall speakers. Their sound was smooth and rich.

ROOM #714 — Audience Cables, Sadurni, Wolf Audio, Ayre Acoustics, Linear Tube Audio, David Berning

This room gets my vote for sexiest horn system at the show. Including the looks of the Sadurni speakers, everything was dialed in and on time. The ultra rare David Berning Siegfried amplifier opened up the entire system to new heights of texture and tone, that in previous audio show listening now seemed to be missing.

AXPONA 2019 Show Coverage brought to you by Core Power Technologies
AXPONA 2019 Show Coverage brought to you by Core Power Technologies

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  1. In regard to the first comment, the point in this case was to slog through 6-8 hrs. a day and come away with the gear/rooms that were impressive, so not the normal criteria for a review of a piece of equipment per se, and I say slog as one who has tinnitus and has been to these shows and felt the assault on one’s ears that they can be over 3 days. Well I’m guessing 3 days, my ears could only take one.

  2. For many of these dispatches, too many superlatives not enough discrimination (in the critical sense). They read now more like advertisements. Maybe that’s the point? I’d prefer more candid reactions.

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